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The Rev Kathy Hammer, 2004 Workshop, St Philips

The Rev Kathy Hammer, 2004 Workshop, St Philip's Annerley

Anglican Prayer Bead Workshops

I started facilitating workshops on Anglican Prayer Beads (the Anglican Rosary) in 2003. Since that time workshops have been conducted in most States and Territories in Australia; once in Aotearoa New Zealand. The demand for the Rosary workshops throughout the country has continued to impress me. It is my observation that people are seeking to find ways to invigorate and deepen their prayer life. The workshops appear to meet this need; in part.

Ideally the workshop is conducted over one day. This allows people time to not only have some fun with making their own set of Prayer beads but it also provides opportunity to explore how we might answer St Paul’s challenge to pray without ceasing.

The workshops provide opportunity to explore the way we understand and experience prayer, make and learn about the symbolism of an Anglican Rosary, and to set aside time for people to develop their own rhythm of prayer through writing prayers for use with the Anglican Rosary. Ideally the workshop ends with a group meditation using our new prayer beads.

Workshops have been conducted all around the country; for parish and community groups, schools, youth groups and agency staff. They have involved from as little as 10 people to as many as 40 in one group; although 15 is an ideal group number for this workshop.

If you are interested in attending or hosting a prayer workshop see also: course notes, participant feedback, attending a workshop, hosting a workshop,  or email Br Nathan-James ssf.



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