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Rosary group meditation

The Rosary can be said either individually or in a group. The following page demonstrates a method of using the Rosary as part of a group meditation. It combines the method used for saying the Rosary individually with readings and reflection / meditation on scripture (or other sacred writings).


The group should allocate a leader and four readers. A scripture passage (or other sacred writing) is dived into four readings.

The leader ensures that the prayer space has been prepared for the group. A quiet area with minimal disturbance. Icons, candles, incense or other liturgical resources may be used but are by no means necessary.

A choice of chairs, cushions, kneelers etc may also be of benefit, if available. The leader should also arrange for copies of any hymns, chants or recorded music that might be used during the meditation. Copies of readings should also be made available to the readers, this should be typed or clearly written so that readers can read in low (candle) light without strain.

The leader ensures that the prayer space has been prepared in sufficient time for the arrival of the group, and copies of the prayers are made available to people if unfamiliar with the group process, again this should be typed or clearly written to be able to be read in low light.


The group comes together in silence, or with some background music. New comers ideally have been prepared beforehand. If this has not been possible then brief instructions can be given then a period of silence—quiet music may be used to allow the group to enter into the space and time of the meditation. It is expected that no further instructions or discussion will take place once the prayer has begun.

The Meditation

The recitation of the Rosary in the group meditation is similar to that used in individual recitation; with the following variation.

The group might begin with a hymn or chant. Afterwards the leader will begin the Rosary meditation with the Cross prayer, perhaps written in some responsorial form, or said as a group. Similarly the Invitatory prayer is said either as a group or in responsorial form, as is the first of the Cruciform prayers.

Then the first reader reads their section of the scripture / writing. A period of silence for reflection and meditation on the word is kept; reflective music may be played during all or part of the time of reflection. The leader then begins the reciting the Week prayer on each of the Week beads and is joined by the group. The second Cruciform bead is then recited, followed by the second reading, time of reflection in silence and or with music. The same pattern is followed for the third and fourth Cruciform brayers and readings, again with time of reflection after each reading and before the recitation of the Week prayers. After the last group of Week prayers the group finishes on either the Invitatory bead followed by the Cross prayer again, or simply finishes on the Cross prayer. The leader then completes the group with a Collect.


Individuals should leave in silence, leaving space for those wishing to, to stay and reflect, meditate or pray longer. If it is desired for the group to meet for further fellowship or Bible study they should proceed to an area away from the prayer space so as to allow those remaining to continue to pray or meditate in silence.

For a suggested group meditation format please see the exemplars page.

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