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Personalising your Rosary

Once you become familiar with using the Rosary as a tool for prayer and meditation you might like to write your own ‘prayer formula’. The following guide will assist you to personalise your Rosary.

1. Select and overall theme. Choose a theme that you would like to reflect in your prayers, some examples are; morning prayer, healing, peace, scriptural meditation.

2. Gather materials which reflect your theme which you can use to develop the various prayers you will use with your Rosary. These could include scripture, prayer books, poems, chants, sayings or you can create your own. The following example draws on material taken from A Prayer Book for Australia.

3. Write brief prayers for each group of beads. The object is to eventually be able to pray your Rosary prayers from memory, therefore try and keep them short enough for your to be able to learn them from memory.

The Cross Prayer might be a statement or acclamation of faith. For example;

I believe in one God creator of heaven and earth; I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ God’s only Son; I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life; I believe in the one undivided Holy Trinity.

The Invitatory Prayer might be a general invitation to prayer. For example;

Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus.

The Cruciform Prayer might broadly reflect the chosen theme. For example;

As I rejoice in the gift of this new day, may the light of your presence O God set my heart on fire with love for you.

The Week Prayer might specifically reflect the overall theme. For example;

I consecrate this day to your service, may my thoughts, words and actions be pleasing to you and may I be of service to my brothers and sisters.

Each prayer is assigned to its corresponding cross or bead. In this example the same prayer is used on each type of bead, e.g. the Cruciform prayer is said on each of the Cruciform beads, and the Week Prayer is said on each of the Week Beads.

However, you might like to design a Rosary prayer ‘formula’ which has different prayers for each type of bead.

For example, you might have a different Cruciform prayer for each of the Cruciform beads, i.e. 4 Cruciform bead prayers.

And or different prayers for each of the Week beads. For example; a Week prayer for each of the four groups of Week beads (4 Week prayers); a Week Prayer for each of the 1st, 2nd… 7th Week beads of each group (7 Week prayers); or a Week prayer for each single Week bead of each group (28 Week prayers).

As well as using different prayers for the Week and Cruciform beads you might also like to use a different prayer on the Invitatory prayer on your way into the prayer circle of the Rosary to the one you use on the way out. Similarly, the Cross prayer on the way in could be different from the one used on the way out.

For other suggestions please see the exemplars page.

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