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How to pray with the rosary

There are no set ‘formulae’ of prayers for the Anglican Rosary, allowing users to develop their own method and rhythm of prayer. The Rosary can be said either on its own individually, or as part of a group meditation. Subsequent pages will guide you through suggested ways of using Anglican prayer beads. However, it is important to stress that these are suggestions only and once you become familiar with a basic method of using the Rosary you can then develop a pattern of use that will suit your needs and prayer life.

How to ‘use’ the Rosary

Begin with the Cross prayer, followed by the Invitatory prayer and the first of the Cruciform prayers. Then going counter-clockwise begin the first Week prayer. Continue to work around the Rosary alternating between Cruciform prayers and Week prayers. After the last set of Week prayers move out to the Invitatory prayer and finish with the Cross prayer.

Please read this page in conjunction with subsequent pages on personalising your Rosary, group Rosary meditation and prayer exemplars.

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