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Prayers for Nature

1. A Rosary for Nature. Inspired by sitting in the prayer garden at St Philip’s Anglican Church during a workshop on the Anglican Rosary. Lindsay Irons (July 2004).

The Cross

You are the depths of the earth, the vastness of space, now and always.

The Invitatory Bead

We open ourselves to your fragrance. The sweet scent of your garden flows through us.

The 1st Cruciform & Week beads

C: Your world is awesome and overwhelming before our eyes
W: Tiny specks that we are – at your mercy.

The 2nd Cruciform & Week beads

C: Your life spirit courses through rivers, leaves, peak and ravines
W: We are but twigs, offshoots of your presence, imprinted with love.

The 3rd Cruciform & Week beads

C: Your body groans beneath a weight of greed and corruption
W: Forgive us our violence against the earth. Save us from ourselves.

The 4th Cruciform & Week beads

C: Give birth to yourself anew every day. Bring forth new colours and creations yet unheard of
W: Our hands at the ready, graft us onto the renewing of your cosmic garden.

The Invitatory Bead

Our spirits babble and churn,
over rocks and through valleys,
until all is lost in you,
taken up into your heart of hearts.

The Cross

Your voice the ocean,
Your heart the soil,
Your hope the spring seedlings,
Your love the rain.



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