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Honouring they ways in which lives have been touched through experiences of making and using Anglican Rosaries

These pages of exemplars of prayers composed for use with Anglican Rosaries together with the pages of anecdotal experiences of making and using Anglican Prayer Beads are the primary inspiration for this blog on the Anglican Rosary.

It is here that I would like to collect the valuable prayer resources that have emerged out of people’s participation in Anglican Rosary workshops and their interactions with the Anglican Rosary.

The Anglican Rosary comes with no prescribed ‘formulae’ of prayers as accompanies traditional prayer beads. For me the primary attraction to the Anglican Rosary was the flexibility it offers in allowing people to discover how the spirit prays within them; thus prayer beads become a way for us to discover the ‘pray-er’ within. It is in part through this process that we discover the answer to St Paul’s challenge to pray always without ceasing.

During workshops that I facilitate on Anglican Prayer Beads I aim to allow sufficient space for participants to spend some quality quiet time beginning to learn how to get in touch with the spirit who prays within us; their ‘pray-er’ within.

We use the format of personalising the Rosary described on this blog to begin to get in touch with the ‘pray-er’ within. By reflecting on scriptural material, writings of holy women and men, hymns, poetry, chants, sacred writings, nature etc we begin to see how the spirit within us calls us to respond to God’s invitation to be in a loving relationship with us and all of creation through prayer.

We use these sacred insights to develop our prayer response to God’s revelation to us. By applying these insights to composing prayers for the various prayer beads that make up the Rosary we begin to shape our prayer response to God through using the Rosary as a focul point for contemplative prayer.

A natural consequence of this process is that we begin to see how we are called to live out God’s word in the world.

The sub-pages on the left will take you to a series of exemplars of prayers which have been written for use with the Anglican Rosary format. I want to stress that these are not prescriptive, that is, that they are to be used, or the only ones to be used, for praying with Anglican prayer beads. They are exemplars of the way in which people have engaged in a process of discovering their spirit within, their ‘pray-er’ within.

Feel free to use them to begin your own process of discovery through contemplative prayer. If you would like your prayers shared with others on this site, please feel free to email Br Nathan-James.



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