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Septet Prayer Bead Key ring August 18, 2008

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Now you will never be withour your prayer beads; key ring featuring 1 Septet of the Anglican Rosary

Key ring using 1 Septet of the Anglican Rosary

Key ring using 1 Septet of the Anglican Rosary

I’ve been making several Rosaries today. Some for folks who have purchased them on others because I wanted to share the gift of prayer with someone.

Whilst I was making the last of the sets I had to do for today I was looking for my key ring, only to find part of the key ring had broken off.

I looed around for the broken part, amidst a bed full of beads and other bits n bobs and I thought – why not. So I got out some left over tiger tail, a split ring and a lobster clamp and got a little creative; it happens now and then.

After a few attempts to get it they way it seemed to look in my head I finally finished up with this key ring featuring 1 Septet of the Anglican Rosary. I usally have a set of prayer beads handy as a rule. However, now with this little even more portable version attached to me keys I will always have my prayer beads on hand. Well unless I loose my keys.

The prayer chain is made of 8 mm tigers eye for the week beads and for the invitatory and cruciform bead I’ve used two 8 mm fancy jasper beads. The cross is the Tau Cross, a traditional symbol associated with St Francis and Franciscans. For an explanation of the Tau Cross and its connection with Franciscan spirituality see view this description of the Tau Cross from the Franciscan Friars of the Third Order.


Welcome to the Anglican Rosary Blog August 14, 2008

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I didn’t know that Anglicans have a Rosary, I thought only Catholics used a Rosary

This is a common response by people who come across references to Anglican Prayer Beads (Rosaries). In fact the use of Prayer Beads within the Anglican Communion is becoming increasingly popular. A quick search of Google or Yahoo is testament to this. There are numerous sites describing the history and use of Anglican Prayer Beads, as well as places to purchase them. Statistics on our website traffic showed that 28% of visitors have come from search engine links where the query was Anglican Prayer Beads. Our website contains brief notes on the history and use of the Rosary, based on workshops that I have been running since 2003.

The use of prayer beads, or Rosaries, has not been common to Anglican prayer life. Many objections have been raised on apparent ‘Marian’ nature of the Catholic Rosary. However, there is a growing interest in the tradition of using prayer beads as an aid to contemplative prayer.

Anglican Prayer Beads (Rosary) arose out of a contemplative prayer group lead by Rev. Lynn Bauman from the Episcopal church in the United States. Since its inception in the 1980’s it has grown in popularity among those seeking to enrich their prayer life.

As there is no set ‘formulae’ for the Anglican Rosary people can develop prayers for use with the Rosary that reflect their own spiritual journey. The Rosary then becomes simply a tool to aid in prayer life. It becomes a way to deepen one’s prayer life by encouraging not only the mind but the body to participate in prayer. The prayers keep the mind focused and the passing of beads through the fingers keeps the body engaged in prayer also.

So, yes, Anglicans do have prayer beads (a Rosary)

This blog has been established to foster discussion and sharing of ideas and resources on the Anglican Rosary or Anglican Prayer Beads.

At a recent workshop it occured to me that having facilitated numerous workshops on the Anglican Rosary and fielded countless questions, comments and even objections regarding the place of prayer beads in the Anglican Communion, that it was time to begin collecting valuable insights and resources resultant from attendances at workshops, or experiences of using the Anglican Rosary as part of personal or group prayer.

Thus the Anglican Rosary, rediscovering and ancient prayer tradition, blog was conceived. In these pages you will find glimpses of why this phenomenon in the Communion continues to gain momentum. It is envisaged that reader will interact with the material presented here, question, comment and contribute to discussion on the use of prayer beads or Rosaries in the Anglican Communion.   

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